What I Like About Pope…

14 03 2013

(sing to “What I like about you”)

Not being a big follower of the Pope or anything Pope-related, I have to say that there are some positive lessons that I am taking away by paying a little more attention to Pope selection this time around then, oh 10 or 600 years ago.

Church in trouble. Church in need of discipline. Church in need of someone to reflect a changing world. Sounds a lot like business these days, no.

Who did they choose? Was it a snappy, 30-something Priest of today with cool jeans and a collar to match – fresh off his Twitter account? Nope – it’s always an elder with years of experience and perspective. This time around – from Latin America. 

Why do we not relish that which comes from age in other professions or in life? This idea of “hot (fill in the blanks) under 40” as the pinnacle of success is insane. What success? What failures, perspective and learnings can you possibly have at that point that make up for experience? 

I get that business, and comedy for sure, are not the Catholic church. (There’s a whole routine there – I got to think about that one some more). However, it would be so interesting to me how our society would be different if we chased things that only age, experience and perspective could bring and not the finest appearance, “cool factor” and buzz that you could get during the 1st half of your life.

That’s what I like about pope…and I hear he really knows how to dance—especially when he goes up, down and talks about true romance.

Over and out.

Are you there Joan? It’s me, Marc.

1 03 2013


Joan Rivers did it again. You have to hand it to her. If anyone invented “free publicity”, it was her.

She recently made a remark about Heidi Klum and the last time any German looked that hot, they were shoving Jews into the oven.

The Anti-Defamation League (among many others) decried the comment.

Joan did her usual thing – get defensive, not apologize.

Here’s the thing. Firstly, it strikes me that I haven’t heard much about the insult this is to the Germans – I mean, it was a bold, in-your-face reference to Nazi Germany – a “don’t think we’ve ever forgotten!” 

I am not about to get into the hotly contested and never-to-be-settled debate among creative types and others as to whether certain topics should be off limits or not. We all have strong opinions. I do think, though, that this 79 year old, strong, hard-working, ceiling-crasher of comedy could have taken a completely different route.

Are you there Joan? It’s me – Marc. You don’t know me. I think you have made a career being funny and being mean. I don’t think you have to. It makes me feel sad for you, actually. I mean – regardless of what your intention was, I am sure you can understand how people who have been impacted by the Holocaust – and there are thousands – could see your trivialization of that as something hurtful – all for the sake of a good laugh. I like to get a laugh as much as anyone, but, c’mon, Joan – get a clue.

The other thing is, and you know this better than most, people aren’t standing in line to “Friend” the Jew on Facebook. Get out of NYC (in your head) for a minute and realize that most people on this Earth get their views of what a Jew is from the very few they see or hear about in the media. If one of our own trivializes something like the Holocaust, is it not unreasonable to see why entire nations feel comfortable doing so and even denying it happened?

I know you’ll never read this because you’re Joan Rivers and I’m, well, I’m not. But in the event you do, really lay into me, would ya? I could use the publicity!


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