The Rat Tickler

27 02 2013


Well between the title and this picture, hopefully it got you into the store. Now, maybe you’ll browse around.

So, it turns out that laughter is the one true universal language – regardless of country, language spoken, upbringing – it sounds the same, it’s triggered by the same things and it has a social aspect to it.

I was at a conference recently that was awesome for my inner geek. There was a lecturer who spoke about the neurobiology of laughter and our just beginning to understand the brain by looking at laughter since it shares similar processes etc among all people and even some animals. Supposedly, you can tickle a rat and as you’ll hear from the video below – what a job that would be!

I think the thing that is so cool about this is that there is a such a strong social component, as you’ll hear and even if you see others laughing but don’t know why, there’s a really good chance you will join along – having real potential implications for health. Why not bring comedy into the places that need it most like nursing homes and hospitals. I really believe that laughter, like music, triggers good chemicals in the brain that are healing in nature.

The Cure for Restlessness

21 02 2013

I don’t know if anyone else feels like me. I don’t know if it’s a guy thing. I don’t know much at all.

I do know that as busy as I am, as much as I have going on – I still feel restless. It was this idea of time being ripped from under my feet. A New Year begins in January and by Halloween I could always be heard saying “where did this year go?” 

One of the reasons I started to do something with my writing, with comedy, with music – anything – was just the simple act of doing helped to keep some of the restless anxiety demons away. It’s like exercise. I’m not going to get to single digit body fat overnight (or ever), but the act of being more deliberate in what I eat and exercise helps quell the feeling of missing out or the dreaded word “should”. It’s not about body fat – it’s simply about feeling better.

I read this interesting article on The Art of Manliness that I thought sums it up nicely. What do you think?

The Pope of Comedy

12 02 2013


The mind works in mysterious ways. See if you can follow me.

Pope retires.

Pope of Greenwich Village (movie).

Comedy in the village.

What if the Pope was quitting to be a stand-up comedian?

I know – sort of far fetched but…what if?

Humor is such a poignant delivery vehicle for getting a message across. It can be raw, direct, thought provoking and memorable. What better way to deliver a message to the masses than a tight 5 minutes in front of a mic and post it on YouTube for all to see?

To the next Pope – think about it. Here are some starters:

“I have seen the Gods of many religions and let’s face it, Jesus, by far, had the best hair. That’s all I’m saying.”

“If Jesus could turn water into wine, imagine what he could do for the bottled water industry.”

I’d consider a switch.

Valentine’s Help for Guys

9 02 2013



So, just when you think Cupid may not have your back, I’m here to help. You know nothing says more to a lady then a homemade Valentine so I’ve constructed some messages that you can steal and claim as your own – just in time. Don’t thank me – I’m a giver.

The Business of You

2 02 2013


A friend of mine sent me an article he recently saw on LinkedIn. Granted, it was geared toward being an authentic leader in the business world. I tweeted the article and it’s worth a read.

The thing for me is that these are guiding principals we should all be trying to abide by to just be a decent human being. I think sometimes people get confused between being liked, being respected and being trusted. I think you can’t be respected if you’re not trustworthy and if you don’t have those two, who cares if you’re liked? You may get to where you want to go but it’s going to be paved with the corpses of people you screwed over to get there.

Which brings me to comedy. Look – my eyes are wide open. I’m one step removed from featuring at Denny’s on a Tuesday night competing with the 4 o’clock special. The truth is though, that I have met some really smart, funny, saavy and helpful people who help make sense of this twisted world.

These people may be in the minority – I don’t know – but they’re out there and they exist. I believe in the triangle (the one above- not the main competitor of the cowbell) and think it’s worth asking ourselves how many of those we really embrace in our lives. We are our business, after all.


1 02 2013

Today I performed with some local comics (who perform non-locally, too) that I really respect. They are funny, bright and going places. I was asked to audition with 7 others for a chance to open for Tom Papa when he appears locally. I didn’t win and didn’t expect nor deserve to. But I felt for the first time like I held my own and belonged in the room. It was a great feeling and I even tried out a new joke on the spot that killed. Now I’m eating bean chips and salsa (only because we ran out of pita chips). It feels like a milestone. 

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