Marc doesn’t have a bucket list. As he likes to put it, “I have a Dixie Cup list – I like to keep my expectations low.” Originally having tried stand-up as one of his “Dixie Cup List” items and a way to meet other writers, Marc quickly realized he found a creative outlet for the stories and never-ending thoughts that infiltrate his head on a daily basis, not to mention a cheaper version of therapy.

So began a trek that includes stints at Catch a Rising Star, Stress Factory, Comedy Works, Reading Comedy Outlet, Helium and a host of East Coast venues and fundraising events. He has also been heard on podcasts and is a freelance writer who has published for journals, magazines and websites. Marc also is a pianist and songwriter.

Marc will spin tales of growing up differently, living under the roof of the most frugal parents in the world and dealing with the insanity of everyday life into a comedic interpretation that will keep you laughing. If you never considered paper plates as “magical” or the virtues of “ergonomic soap”, you will after listening to Marc Kaye!

2 responses

21 01 2019
Mike Cundall

HI Marc, I liked your article on Dr. King. I wanted to know if you could direct me to some of the references of his use of humor. I research humor as part of my academic life. Thanks in advance.


6 03 2019

Hey Mike – I’m sorry for the delayed response. I had gotten some from google etc..I am also writing a book right now on it. Thanks


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